EORGAS Applications

Shale Oil EOR/IOR

Shale Oil EOR/IOR employing Huff-n-Puff or Displacement, each successive cycle continually increases matrix permeability to access additional reservoir pore spaces while operating at low pressure, immiscible conditions.  Onsite production of EORGAS can also provide power using either casing head gas, natural gas, NGL's, off spec gases, tank bottoms, and even coal with no greenhouse gas emissions.

Need safety assurance e.g. All gases produced are immediately injected into the reservoir; CO and CO2 monitors are located both proximal and distal at the site.

Heavy Oil Recovery

Heavy Oil Recovery is achieved at reservoir temperature and pressure, no-to-minimal heat is required, no greenhouse gases emissions, mobilizes asphaltenes, and onsite production of EORGAS can provide both the EORGAS and power.

New or Ongoing CO2 Floods

New or Ongoing CO2 Floods to cut mcf/bo requirement by 50%, operate at 50-70% of CO2 MMP pressures, recovers oil 2X faster per pore volume injected than pure CO2; onsite production of EORGAS also provides power, lowers IFT, aids conformance, and minimizes tubular corrosion.

Enhanced Water Floods

Enhanced Water Floods to extend operating life of ageing waterfloods at existing reservoir pressures use EORGAS to increase oil cut, recover additional oil, and aid conformance.