Oil showing immiscible bubbles

How Does EORGAS Work?

EORGAS, is a mixture of CO2 + N2 + minor CO. (Its nickname is CO2+!) Fortunately, EORGAS is also tolerant to minor amounts of H2, CHn, H2Ov, and other gases. Thus production costs are significantly lowered. The CO (carbon monoxide) is the “workhorse” of the gas mixture.  Proven to lower IFT, aid conformance, mobilize asphaltenes, increase rate of oil recovery, minimize mcf/bo requirements, increase matrix permeability and allow operations at low pressures and immiscible conditions while protecting tubulars.

The unique triple bonding and polarity of the CO molecule results in:

  • a small molecular diameter
  • low solubility in water (as compared to CO2)
  • migration to oil-rich, tight, bypassed zones
  • IFT-lowering, and
  • mobilization of asphaltenes.

The combination of these geochemical properties results in a very unique oil recovery-enhancing, immiscible, mixed gas technology.

For additional information refer to World Oil article (May, 2018) and SPE Paper 179540.