Benefits of EORGAS

Mixed Gas Technology (EORGAS) for Enhancing EOR or IOR Economics Benefits

An EOR or IOR Mixed Gas Technology,

  • EORGAS is a mixture of gases used for enhancing EOR or IOR Economics. Its nickname is CO2+!
  • The EORGAS mixture lowers IFT, requires only 4-6 mcf/bo recovered, achieves a 2x faster rate of oil recovery, increases matrix permeability (if swelling clays are present), mobilizes asphaltanes, aids conformance, and is produced on site.
  • Existing oilfield tubulars are protected by the presence of CO and another additive to minimize corrosion. Carbon monoxide is a strong reducing agent  that reacts with any corroded/oxidized tubular Fe+3 iron to reduce the oxide to a low-reactive FeO form.  This FeO is also known as the mineral “wustite”.
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How Does EORGAS Work?

The process was developed and tested over the past 5 years.

EORGAS, is a mixture of CO2 + N2 + minor CO.  Fortunately, EORGAS is also tolerant to minor amounts of H2, CHn, H2Ov, and other gases. Thus production costs are significantly lowered. The CO (carbon monoxide) is the “workhorse” of the gas mixture.

Proven to lower IFT, aid conformance, mobilize asphaltenes, increase rate of oil recovery, minimize mcf/bo requirements, increase matrix permiability and allow operations at low pressures and immiscible conditions while protecting tubulars.

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Applications of EORGAS

  • Shale Oil EOR/IOR
  • Heavy Oil Recovery
  • New or Ongoing CO2 Floods
  • Enhanced Water Floods

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Safety of EORGAS

Field operations are continuously monitored by both simple home-type CO monitors and personal monitors to provide safe, on site operations for both the workers and the general area.  Learn more


Use  of the mixed gas (EORGAS) does not result in the emissions of any greenhouse gases such as CO2.

Since the EORGAS  can be produced on site, while also producing steam for production of electrical energy, a “green” energy supply is available.

The mixed gases of CO2 and CO are sequestered within the reservoir.  Any non-sequestered CO can readily be oxidized to CO2 and then also sequestered.

Supportive Data

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Since 1993


Five years of laboratory work developing and testing EORGAS has shown utilizing CO, as a minor portion of the CO2/N2/CO mixed gas, can be done safely.

CO is far safer to work with than H2S (hydrogen sulfide) due to its being 15X less toxic than H2S - and it does not accumulate in topographically low areas.

Dilution of the CO with CO2 and N2 further ensures a higher level of operating safety.

EORGAS is patented technology with additional patents are pending.


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